Quick Start Guide

Running the provided tools

The joulescope package also installs a command-line tool, “joulescope”. You can use the coammand line tool to ensure that your connected Joulescope is working properly with the package:

joulescope capture --contiguous 1.0 mycapture.jls

To get help for all available commands:

joulescope help

You can also run the package directly, which comes in handy when running directly from the source code:

python3 -m joulescope

Writing your own code

You can import the Joulescope python package in your own python scripts and applications. For example, the following script opens the joulescope instrument, reads 1/4 second of data, and then display the averaged values:

import joulescope
import numpy as np
with joulescope.scan_require_one(config='auto') as js:
    data = js.read(contiguous_duration=0.25)
current, voltage = np.mean(data, axis=0)
print(f'{current} A, {voltage} V')

For more examples, see pyjoulescope_examples.