Welcome to the Joulescope™ driver! Joulescope is an affordable, precision DC energy analyzer that enables you to build better products. Joulescope accurately and simultaneously measures the voltage and current supplied to your target device, and it then computes power and energy. For more information on Joulescope, see

This joulescope python package contains the driver and command-line utilities that run on a host computer and communicates with a Joulescope device over USB. You can use this package to automate and script Joulescope operation. You can also incorporate Joulescope into a custom application. Most users will run the graphical user interface which is in the pyjoulescope_ui package. The majority of code is written in Python 3.8+, but it does contain some C and Cython for better performance.

This package runs under Windows 11 & 10, Linux (Ubuntu is tested), and macOS 13, 12, & 10.15. On Windows, the USB communication is performed using WinUSB, which is included with Windows 10. On Linux and macOS, the USB communication uses libusb-1.0.

For the list of changes by release, see the Changelog.

If you just want to use Joulescope, you can download the application.


The GitHub repository is “pyjoulescope” to differentiate it as a Python package. The actual Python package name is simply “joulescope”.